Remember Them? EMC Shakes Things Up Once Again!

Just when you thought EMC was sitting pretty, they went out and shook up the industry once again. Since the acquisition of VMware, EMC has taken it’s leadership in the data center storage space to new heights. With it’s acquisitions of RSA, Data Domain, Avamar, Greenplum, Isilon (I can go on if you’d like…), EMC has expanded it’s portfolio for it’s customers.

However, what makes these acquisitions special is the way they’ve intertwined the visions and successes of these companies with EMC. What made these companies special and the leader in their space has not changed since they’ve been brought underneath the EMC Umbrella. In fact, it’s been enhanced by the EMC brand and what it represents. Integration, leadership, innovation, and change is what makes a company thrive and lead from the front.

This formula was just exemplified again with EMC’s recent shakeup announcement.

Tech Crunch take

ZDNET’s take

EWeek’s take

Change is good. Change for the better is great. For EMC and VMware, this change is special.

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