Hotel California

As much of a shock it is to admit, Jack got away.

*Dramatic pause*

In hindsight, the absolutely crazy part is how content I was with it. There were so many people to see, places to go, meals to be had, and beaches to enjoy, that Jack simply became an afterthought.

Throughout my vacation back to the homeland, one thing I kept thinking to myself throughout was how quickly and how vastly things have changed. From my food preferences, to siblings who are now in college (I feel so old!), to dear friends that are now engaged/married, to the horrendously Wall-E-esqe and incredibly enjoyable Cinopolis theatres that are now taking San Diegans by storm, it has all changed so rapidly.

Wading in the Pacific, soaking up the Dana Point sun, with all forms of communication cut off, I was able to reflect. On family…on friendships…on my career…my successes and failures…and how my life and I have changed since leaving California.

Change is refreshing. Change helps me wake in the morning. Change challenges me to not accept complacency. Most importantly, change helps me appreciate the journey and where it all started.

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