Just For Fun…

Since I was just a little tike, my family has always had a tradition of painting the garage floor during the holiday season.

Now i’m sure you immediately are thinking, “Of all the things to do during the holidays, you and your family decide to paint the garage? WHY? Why not just keep it the same color?

To that I simply ask for you to hold onto those hurried questions until after you finish reading the words on this page 🙂

So yes, we paint the garage floor. Everyone has or knows of the idea of marking the wall as a child grows taller and older. Imagine the same idea, but instead of the wall, its the garage floor, and instead of the markings on the wall, its 3’x3′ square that the child uses to paint something that represents their age, interest, or personality. As the children in our family grew older, every year we would always hold our annual December event in the garage. And as the years went by, more and more squares were painted, until every inch of the garage floor was covered in these childhood snapshots.

This tradition stuck with me, and since the garage floor was filled, I’ve continued to paint on my own…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My next “mark on the wall” is currently in progress, and will be up in no time, so stay tuned.

Any guesses on what it will be? Any ideas or recommendations are more than welcome in the comment section below!

And it’s done!

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