The Shopper, the Sport, and The Twilight Zone (Part II of III)

Twilight Zone (defined):

1.  A conceptual area that is undefined or intermediate.

2.  A sphere of experience that appears sinister or dangerous because of its uncertainty or ambiguity.

As hysterical as those infamous nuclear war safety exercises were, and as entertaining as “The Shelter” episode of The Twilight Zone was (link to the Cliffnotes provided by Wiki below), the concept of the twilight zone was depicted beautifully! Hiding under our desks would TOTALLY save us…

Wiki brief of “The Shelter”

Nevertheless, the twilight zone can be applied to multiple scenarios we go through in our daily lives, both socially and professionally. How often should we exercise weekly? How much should we spend on a gift? How should we prepare for another recession? Where should I purchase (insert a given product or service)? What does your data mean to you?

These “…depends on who/why/what/when” questions can be spewed out for an eternity, but it does not make them any less crucial or necessary for each of us to acknowledge and understand.

Just as crucial to understand is the twilight zone behind the question, “Who owns the responsibility of the purchase/sale?” (Careful, the answer to this is not as easy as you may think.).

Is it up to them (manufacturer and/or reseller) to be honest and forthright, keep our best interest in mind with their recommendations, and sell only what they would sell to their parents (figuratively)? Or, is up to us (the consumer) to know our own goals, strategies, budget, and needs, and simply use the manufacturer and/or reseller as a quoting house? Does the responsibility lie with both?

*Let’s get ready to rumble!*

Your answer directly correlates to the three aforementioned categories (Value, Price, Location), and which weighs heaviest to you.

As ambiguous as this question is, the answer to it, in the realm of IT purchasing, is actually quite concrete.

To be continued…

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