Throwback Thursdays: The Evolution of Storage


Throwback Thursdays: The Evolution of Storage


Throwback Thursdays: The Video Home System



“Can we watch Goofy Movie again!?” I remember the weekends like they were yesterday…

I may have played that VHS 100 times and each 90 minute screening was just as incredible as the time before. It was a rough life as a ten year old.

Unfortunately, I grew older.  With that, I became more impatient. I had other Disney classics to get to! So, I would fast-forward the VHS until it got to the good parts (the music, of course.) I distinctly remember sitting there watching (and listening) to my VCR fast-forward for what seemed to be an eternity. Then finally, I would press play right as the “Stand Out” and “Eye to Eye” songs came on. They were MY jams.

Today, VCR’s no longer exist, fast-forward/skips happen in “on-demand” fashion, and instead of VHS tapes, we can now watch all of favorites in this thing called “cloud”…or YouTube.

Our next generation’s “Throwback Thursdays” should be interesting. I feel old already.