The Happiest 56 Miles on Earth!


Well, I’m back from “The Happiest Place On Earth”. ‘Twas a tremendous vacation packed full of perfect weather, relaxation, shows and rides, shopping, and fireworks. Oh, and I almost forgot- FOOD! amazing food. Lots of food.Every meal was incredible, and I pulled back from every one of them all smiles.

But if you ask people who have been to Disneyworld, they’d all probably tell you the same thing, and most of it is rather expected. What was not expected, was just how much walking I did!

Thanks to fitbit, I was able to track my daily/weekly activity during my vacation. And let me tell you, it made finishing those desserts so much easier! Now I expected to walk a while, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect the stats that I achieved!

imageThat’s more than two marathons, and over 125,000 steps walked on this so-called “vacation”. So you can now add health and fitness to the million other reasons why you and your loved ones should go to Disneyworld!


The Exponent and The Vatican. Who Cares?


According to a recent article published by IDC, “From 2005 to 2020, the digital universe will grow by a factor of 300, from 130 exabytes to 40,000 exabytes, or 40 trillion gigabytes (more than 5,200 gigabytes for every man, woman, and child in 2020). From now until 2020, the digital universe will about double every two years.”

Wow. Big numbers, huh? As astonishing as this data growth is, information is meaningless without a purpose. For example, the Vatican has recently added 2.8 petabytes of storage. So…who cares?

What is the purpose of this data growth? A recent press release highlights the Vatican’s vision to digitize its entire catalog of historic manuscripts. Their goal is to digitally preserve some of the world’s most historic and delicate texts that are currently vulnerable to deterioration and decay. Thus, ensuring that the accumulated knowledge of generations is freely available for future study.

So who cares? I definitely do!

What does the data you create actually do for you? It’s definitely doing wonders for me!

To be continued…

The Dynasty: Ducks, Tech, and Champagne Showers


What makes a dynasty? Often times organizations go decades before winning something. From the sporting and entertainment industries, to apparel and manufacturing, organizations all over the world strive to be the best in their respective fields. Every year we see crowned winners, champagne showers, and more and more duck memorabilia! Champions are made.

Becoming a champion will motivate your competitors to beat you. However, becoming a dynasty will motivate your competitors to follow you in every facet. How do you become a dynasty, you ask?

Kobe and MJ know. The Robertsons definitely know. And most recently, EMC knows.

So let’s raise our glasses to the fade-away, the duck call, the VNX, and to the 3-peat.

Throwback Thursdays: The Polaroid Camera



You’re at that event that you’ve been waiting all year for. Game 7 of a championship series. The concert of your favorite artist. Maybe you’re on the vacation of a lifetime traveling across Europe. How about a relatives’ newborn that you can’t get enough of? Or, that INCREDIBLE meal you MUST document and share with all of your acquaintances.

carne asada fries

You pull out your smartphone, snap all the pictures and videos you want. You then crop, filter, upload, tag, post, tweet, and comment for the whole world to revel in. Easy, right?

Hmm…I wonder where all of these pictures/videos on social media are actually stored?


Now tell me how you’re going to do that with this gem of a throwback…and how long it would take to do…and how you’re going to carry the thousands of photos you’ve taken…?

Throwbacks often remind meof the good ol’ days. In this instance, I’m wholeheartedly thankful for 2013.

The Value of the Customer

shakeFor a company that is spread throughout so many different channels, verticals, initiatives, and continents, there are many core values that mold and embrace its consistency. One of the core values instilled by Mr. Tucci in 2004, and trickled down to every EMC employee since is the value of the customer experience. The voice of the customer.

Total. Customer. Experience. (TCE)

Now what does that mean exactly? At the end of the day, we are trained do the right thing for the customer. Through and through.

Fast-forward to 2013. EMC has new products designed specifically for customer use-cases of all sizes and budgets. Even you, SMB. Even you…

EMC has world class support all over the globe. EMC has been named storage company of the year, virtualization platform of the year, etc…

But what I am most proud of, and am most passionate for, is the happiness of the customer. So when I see that EMC has recently won the 2012 Customer Experience Excellence (CxE) Award, it makes me proud to work at EMC.

It shows the consistent value of our products, our support, our services, and our customers’ experience.

It shows that we listen.

It shows that we care.

EMC Atmos and Panzura- Tag Teaming the Cloud for HR

A recent article in SearchCloudStorage highlighted just another example of how EMC customers are able to utilize our breadth of best-in-class solutions and strategic partners in order to realize a strategy that would “fit like a glove”. Below is the full article that describes Healthcare Realty Trust’s (HR) task at hand, how they chose their solutions, and the benefits it brought to their multi-site organization.

Utilizing EMC Atmos and Panzura, HR is now able to make the user experience from the remote office the same as the experience in the corporate office, which was a mandate when the initiative was created. In doing so, users are able to access information quicker, HR is able to store less data, and increase overall availability for their 28 healthcare sites.

In the end, as quoted in the article, Robert Dillard, Associate Vice President for Technology Services at HR gave a very simple justification for the initiative:

“We were looking at user productivity,” he said. “The company looked at this as a soft cost. We don’t use technology as the driving force. It’s the business need that matters.”

The full article is below:

Real estate firm trusts cloud-based NAS in data center, remote offices.

EMC’s Backup Portfolio- All Star Cast. All-Star Performance

In a technology realm that has become so diluted, EMC continues to stretch the gap between themselves and their competition. From virtualization (VMWare) and security (RSA), to storage (VNX and Isilon) and Information Intelligence, EMC has developed quite the winning portfolio of solutions to combat challenges that businesses face on a daily basis.

Through speed, scale, and savings, EMC’s AVAMAR backup solution has provided overwhelming success for it’s customers.

When businesses go through their business processes, one of the most important to have solidified is their backup/disaster recovery plan. In many instances, there is none. In many other instances, that plan doesn’t work. In other plans, that plan does not work well enough. In this increasingly digital era, information is becoming exponentially more important than in the past. Because of this, protecting it is of utmost importance.

When Directors and C-Levels answer, “How much does your information mean to your business?” their answers are unanimously equal. However, the steps and strategies they realize they’re taking to ensure it’s existence is surprisingly…for a lack of a better phrase…ALL OVER THE PLACE.

This is where EMC’s Backup portfolio comes in, and why it’s been so successful for both EMC and it’s customers. From the “Mom and Pop shop” to Fortune 100 companies, the importance they place on their information is equal. However, It’s the budget to protect it that is different. Knowing this, EMC now has solutions to fit budgets and environments of all sizes.

Below is a recent press release that highlights a few customer success stories.

So, what’s your New Years Resolution (NYR)? How about one for your business? 😉