Driving in a Winter Wonderland- Smart Snowplows!?


Since moving from San Diego to New England, I’ve endured quite a few climate changes that I had never experienced before:

  • “Wow, look at all the yellow leaves!”
  • “So this is why AWD is so popular!”
  • “I guess you can’t wear sandals in December here…”
  • “So that’s what a snow plow looks like…”


In the movies, or in the comfort of our warm and cozy homes, snow brings a sense of holiday cheer, and sense of calm. I’ve caught myself countless times just staring out my window at the snow (San Diego, remember…?) I’ve come to realize I had never experienced a real winter until moving to the northeast.

As much as I love our winters, (we’ll see how I feel in a few years), and as much as I love my Quattro, driving still can be a bit stressful. The roads are icy, the snow is thick, the drivers are crazy, and the plows may or may not have come through yet. *insert frowny face here*

snow trafficIn a recent article published by Mashable, it looks like we may be in luck, as four states (Let’s get it together MA!) are testing the use of smart snowplows with the goal to help make our roads safer. 

Here’s a quick excerpt from the article that explains how they’ll work:

“The system integrates GPS-coded measurements from sensors on the snowplows with computer weather models and satellite and radar observations to produce updates every five to 15 minutes on the road, as well as weather conditions. These detailed, close-to-real-time snapshots are then relayed to transportation officials in the hope that they will be able to target the most dangerous stretches of highway before accidents happen.”

UM. YES PLEASE! But until these come down the pike (pun), let’s try and be safe drivers this winter!

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Carne Asada, the Celtics, and the Little Rascals

Raised in Southern California (San Diego, specifically), I grew up with the luxury of a few things. The weather was almost always perfect, the Mexican food was almost always greasy (and equally as good I might add), and awful sports teams. The Padres are simply pathetic, the Chargers constantly underachieve, and there is no hockey or basketball team to disappoint us.

Do we call that a silver lining?

Anyways, since moving from West Coast to New England, and seeing how polar opposite the sports cultures are, I have a newfound appreciation for teamwork in sports. The Bruins win (and lose) as a team, The Patriots, as much as I despise them, are a team, and the Boston Celtics, whom I also despise (full disclosure, I am a depressed Lakers fan), are showing the very definition of team work.

Speaking of despising, I CAN’T STAND LEBRON JAMES (and therefore the Miami Heat). I love to see them lose. I’m not sure if I get more enjoyment out of my Lakers winning, or simply watching the Heat lose. Watching the Celtics and Heat series has reminded me why “Teams” win and lose. Teams with all-stars( understatement), drama queens, divas, gutless excuse for coaching (and closing for that matter), and a fan base that can’t even STAND UP and cheer their team on in the single most important game of their season will not win.

As much as the thought of my next statement gives me a queasy feeling inside, I will have to admit it:

I may be becoming a Celtics fan. *Vomit* I know… but let me explain. To clarify, I may be becoming a 2012 Celtics fan. They are a team full of injured older players, glued together by a young All-Star, a brilliant coach, and an overarching theme of grit, experience, and trust. They are the very definition of an underdog. What they lack in skill, they overcome with experience and trust in eachother.

So for the remainder of this season, I will be rooting for the has-beens. In a sense, it is a bit inspiring when you think about it. People may say you’re too old, too young, too slow, too big, too small, but if you work together for a common goal, the underdog still has a chance!

*Insert “Little Rascals” VHS*