Does Your Data Make You Sweat?


What can brown data do for you? In my previous post, I talked about the impact that our data creation has on our lives. Data is currently used for saving lives, preserving history, space travel, motivation, nutrition, and countless other ways that positively benefit race. According to a 2012 study/infographic, Every minute we are sending 100,000 tweets and are spending over $272,000 on web shopping. With all of this data and activity we are adding to/from our daily lives, why not use some of it for your own everyday health and wellness?

2014 may very well be the year of the “smart watches” and activity trackers, and companies like Nike, Jawbone, Fitbit, and Samsung, are all-in, with Apple rumored to be joining the fun soon.

Activity trackers such as the Nike Fuelband, Jawbone Up, and Fitbit Force (my personal favorite) allow you to learn, track, compare, and even set goals for your personal fitness. You can track sleeping patterns, food intake, steps taken, distance,  and even compete against your friends and family for added motivation. By simply wearing a wristband, your personalized health and wellness “data” is being constantly tracked and converted to provide you insight into your personal well-being.

How close are you to 10,000 steps today? With these technologies, you’ll know at all times.

My data helps me sweat, helps me sleep, helps me eat healthier,  and motivates me to keep moving. What does your data do for you?




The Buyer in Me


Puzzle (1)If “Innovation” had a twitter account, its following would be near infinite. Seriously. Companies and entrepreneurs all over the globe, in almost every industry, are constantly looking for new ways to bring products/services to a target audience.

“What can we bring to our customers that will positively disrupt their everyday lives?”

But who knows what we as the target audience actually wants or needs? One could argue that the greatest of innovators are those who bring disruptive technologies/products/services to the table that nobody knows they actually need. So how do companies build their target audience? How do they market their innovation? How do they know what we care about? Far too often I feel companies lose track of what we want, and try and force-feed us with things without digging enough into the minds of the buyer.

Well innovators, this blog is for you! Who is the buyer in me, you ask?

From laptop to cell phone, cars to gym shoes, storage arrays to activity trackers, your best bet to my wallet is to follow these simple instructions. 

Make it work…well. Make it easy. Make it last. Make it sexy.

#Macbook #iPhone #Audi #NikeFree #EMC #Fitbit

That’s the buyer in me…

Who’s the buyer in you?

Just Do It

nevergiveupWell it’s that time of year. Resolutions are in full swing…hopefully. With these resolutions, we are still swarmed and overwhelmed with our everyday lives. Work, kids, entertainment, and temptation cloud our vision and can easily deter us from what we know we have wanted/needed/committed to complete.

Trust me…I know…

From that special someone to that special something, we all need that something to keep us on the straight and narrow. A support structure, if you will. I have my NYRs in full tilt. The support net is what makes me…what wakes me…

Take a second to think about what you want to change. What do you want to actually do?

Now, what will it take for you to achieve it?

Figure it out, Just Do It, and NEVER GIVE UP.


P.S. You’re welcome, Nike.


What Are We Buying!? (Part I of III)

The Swimsuit, the Swoosh, and the D.I.Y.

‘Tis the season to be fit! Bright colors are beginning to bloom, the sun is shining (everywhere except Boston), and people are in more of a craze now than ever before to get in “summer shape” for the bathing suit and vacation season.

If you need a little extra motivation, watch this awesome video to “Make It Count”!

I am definitely a part of that craze. Over the last few months I have started to eat healthier, become more physically active (understatement), have surrounded myself with like-minded groups of people who love it as much as I do, and could not be any happier with my results both physically and mentally.


To help with motivation, I signed myself up for a brisk five-mile race a while back…no biggie, right!? Now, with my Harpoon 5-Miler race fast approaching (11 days to go…yikes), I’m quickly realizing what matters most and what is needed when preparing for such adventures. Among the many necessities, your shoes may be the single most important thing. Knowing the importance, a good friend of mine referred me to NikeiD and the Nike Free. Needless to say, after several alterations of every color scheme and fit on the planet (at least it seemed that way), I finally landed on a gem!

Unfortunately, the chances of them arriving before race-day are slim-to-none since I ordered them…30 minutes ago, but I will be able to enjoy them for the majority of the summer and beyond.

Being able to customize my purchase was actually an awesome experience. I felt as if I was down and dirty in their supply chain painting the sole, gluing the logos, painting the finishing touches, and shipping it off to the customer-ME! I want this for all of my purchases. I would like to take my goals, preferences, and needs and create a product to fit those for everything!

Today, there are many “do it yourself” (D.I.Y.) options given in a plethora of different categories, and we love them all. From Happy Meals (App Store) to automobiles (gold), from websites to mattresses (Shaq) and storage arrays (VNX), our customizable options are endless and there for the choosing.

Would you rather have the one-size-fits-all, or would you like to customize your purchases? Does that depend on what you’re purchasing (think about it before quickly responding)? Do you want to pay for things that you may never use?

As ridiculous as some of these questions may sound, and as obvious as the answers may seem, it continues to shock me when manufacturers force feed us features and functionality that we simply do not want or need.

I may or may not have recently had a discussion with another large manufacturer around this very topic earlier this afternoon around lunch time in a particularly public community that is focused on a particular industry, and their response to this discussion may shock you (it definitely shocked me)…

To be continued…