The Buyer in Me


Puzzle (1)If “Innovation” had a twitter account, its following would be near infinite. Seriously. Companies and entrepreneurs all over the globe, in almost every industry, are constantly looking for new ways to bring products/services to a target audience.

“What can we bring to our customers that will positively disrupt their everyday lives?”

But who knows what we as the target audience actually wants or needs? One could argue that the greatest of innovators are those who bring disruptive technologies/products/services to the table that nobody knows they actually need. So how do companies build their target audience? How do they market their innovation? How do they know what we care about? Far too often I feel companies lose track of what we want, and try and force-feed us with things without digging enough into the minds of the buyer.

Well innovators, this blog is for you! Who is the buyer in me, you ask?

From laptop to cell phone, cars to gym shoes, storage arrays to activity trackers, your best bet to my wallet is to follow these simple instructions. 

Make it work…well. Make it easy. Make it last. Make it sexy.

#Macbook #iPhone #Audi #NikeFree #EMC #Fitbit

That’s the buyer in me…

Who’s the buyer in you?


Throwback Thursdays: The Polaroid Camera



You’re at that event that you’ve been waiting all year for. Game 7 of a championship series. The concert of your favorite artist. Maybe you’re on the vacation of a lifetime traveling across Europe. How about a relatives’ newborn that you can’t get enough of? Or, that INCREDIBLE meal you MUST document and share with all of your acquaintances.

carne asada fries

You pull out your smartphone, snap all the pictures and videos you want. You then crop, filter, upload, tag, post, tweet, and comment for the whole world to revel in. Easy, right?

Hmm…I wonder where all of these pictures/videos on social media are actually stored?


Now tell me how you’re going to do that with this gem of a throwback…and how long it would take to do…and how you’re going to carry the thousands of photos you’ve taken…?

Throwbacks often remind meof the good ol’ days. In this instance, I’m wholeheartedly thankful for 2013.

Fusion, FAST, and Freedom (Part I of II)

With the holiday season just around the corner, we’re all creating our holiday wish list of things we need and/or want. With incredible new technology, gadgets, and cars being created faster than ever before, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in production. It appears that manufacturers have conceded to the realization that it is extremely difficult to produce new hardware that drastically differs from what has already been created.

Sure, there could be a new design, or a new color, or new form factor, but from a hardware perspective, we are in a commodity based market. Today, companies are instead investing their precious R&D dollars into software in order to create differentiation from their competition. It is this differentiation that draws consumers to sway towards one product over another.

Mac vs PC, Ford Fusion vs Honda Accord, EMC vs Dell, iPhone vs SIII, etc…The comparisons go on forever, and what separates these companies is the added intelligence (software) they place on top of their commodity hardware that earns them a spot on our wish lists.

Whether it’s a consumer or a business, this generation is looking for something that makes it’s life easier. We want something that makes us more efficient. We want something that saves us time. We want to work smarter, not harder. We want something that just works.

“Just give us that precious R.O.I.!”

So who’s giving us what we want? Who’s making our life easier? Who is giving us back our time and freedom?

In case you missed it yesterday, Apple had quite the mini announcement of new products that has gotten the tech world in a tizzy. But under the covers of these new products are prime examples of how leaders in the industry are differentiating themselves from their competition with software advancements.

The fusion of hardware and software is where the money is made…and spent!

…But why?

To be continued…

Happy Post iPhone Day! Or was it?

Well iPhone Day 2K12 has come and gone. I must say, iPhone 5 looks awesome (aesthetically). It’s got the new two-toned form factor, the 4″ screen, while still thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Apple did a great job of listening to demands of the market and bringing us a product “we” asked for.

Unfortunately, as incredible as the 5 looks, when the keynote ended, I left incredibly disappointed.

*I know, coming from a huge Apple fan, it’s hard to say that!*

Before you jump to the comment section to haze this blasphemous statement, let me explain:

In my previous post, I had one request from Apple- We need something that says, “Screw that other stuff, you will buy this (insert phone and/or any other piece of tech) because it can do what no other ______ can do!”

So, with the new phone front and center for us all to judge, what can it do that the previous generation (or any other phone) can’t do?

The new Siri integration, the new turn-by-turn direction, Facetime over 3G, Passport, and Panoramic pictures all look awesome, and I’m super excited to use them…on my 4S. Thank you iOS6! (Compare iPhones).

I’ll save you the time. From a functionality perspective, the only thing that the iPhone 5 can do (that will actually affect us) that the 4S can’t is shoot 720p front video, you get newer headphones, and it’s a bit faster.

Yeah…that’s it…

Now, aesthetically, it’s probably the best looking phone on the market, with the most attention to detail. It’s sleek, durable, and rugged.

As we all know, Apple stores across the globe will have mazed lines impatiently waiting outside their glass doors cheering, yawning, and napping in anticipation for the opening of the pearly gates.

But should you be one of them? Do we feel entitled to something better? Should we be disappointed with the minimum functional upgrades? Will I buy one  and why (or why not)?

I will answer all these questions in Part 2 soon!

Happy iPhone Day! (Pre-Launch)

With the dawn of a new iPhone only three hours away, is it weird that I’m literally antsy with excitement?


No? Didn’t think so.

Before we even get to the new “iPhone 5/The New iPhone/iPhone 6” , do you remember how revolutionary the first iPhone was when it was released!?

Steve Jobs introduces first iPhone- Video (2007)

Moving on to today’s release. Many are clamoring for an iPhone that is as revolutionary as the first, and not just because it’s Apple and that’s what they’ve grown to expect, As crazy as this seems, people almost feel entitled to something special today. Some feel jaded from the 4S and it’s anticlimactic “upgrade” from the 4. Some are anxious at the thought of the Android market possibly catching up to iOS and all its glory. Some are desperate for something that is unique enough to get them away from their current phone (whether they actually need a new phone is debatable at best). Finally, there are those of us (myself included) who fall into the “all of the above” category.

Anybody who knows me knows how infatuated I am with Apple and it’s products and strategic outlook on the market. However, I feel that the rest of 2012, and this iPhone launch (which we don’t really know what they’re going to show us) is one of the most important times for Apple to reaffirm their seat at the head of the tech table.

So how can/will they do this? Will a phone with a larger screen, new docking port, faster processor, new headphones, and new casing get the job done?

I’d argue no…

What about a smaller iPad? New Apple TV? New iPod line-up? How about a revolutionary new iPoo!?

For me, Apple needs something special. Not just something they just call special for those marketing folks, but something that makes us all smile at the thought of it’s use.

We need something that says, “Screw that other stuff, you will buy this (insert phone and/or any other piece of tech) because it can do what no other ______ can do!”

And it should not stop with the iPhone. Apple needs to put a stake down in technology for this year. When you think about it, what technology will 2012 be known for?



*still thinking about it…searching Google…checking pockets*

Apple should know there is a silver platter waiting to be toppled high with a hefty dose of apple pie. I hope we all get a chance at an early dessert.

The Blackberry, the Uppercut, and EMC

On June 29, 2007, Apple entered the Smartphone Arena and released the iPhone to answer the desires and challenges of cell phone users globally. Immediately after the launch, cellphone giants such as RIM (Blackberry), Motorola, and Nokia scrambled as the entire smartphone industry changed overnight. The best tactic RIM could think of to combat the sudden iPhone craze was to say (paraphrased), “No way that’s possible! Apple is lying, the battery cannot last that long. The iPhone won’t last.”

“Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can’t last.”- Greg Evans

Since then, RIM has been fighting a bloody tag-team battle against both Android and Apple in the consumer smartphone arena. Finally, after years of pathetic concepts, launches, and smoke and mirrors, RIM was forced to tap out. In the wake of this release, Blackberry also announced their CTO and COO were leaving the company. Coincidence!?…

Now, this same scenario is happening in the Data Center Storage Arena. In January, 2011, EMC entered the Small/Medium Business (SMB) market which was previously owned by Dell and Netapp. Immediately after EMC’s product launch and release of the VNXe storage strategy, both the competition and the general public raced to give their official statements, reviews, and predictions of this bold move.

15 Best Products of 2011

2011 Tech Innovator Award Winners

A little over a year later, after multiple awards and rave reviews, EMC is poised to displace its competition the same way Apple did in 2007. Just as RIM, Nokia, and Motorola failed in 2007, the competition has yet to respond to EMC. Will competitors continue to belittle the technology and rest on their laurels while EMC innovates, or will they step up to compete with the VNXe?

At the end of the day, it is up to manufacturers to bring us a product that is tailored around our needs, and answers our daily challenges. Apple has done it. Android has done it. EMC is doing it. Who’s next?