EMC’s leading share of global disk storage is now up to 34.2%. IBM, NTAP, and Hitachi (ranked second, third, and fourth, respectively) combine for 33.5% market share.


A recent article published yesterday by “The Register” highlights EMC’s ever-growing footprint in data centers globally. In our ever-changing climate, customers want choice. As a consumer, we want customization. We want purpose-built. We want the “fit-like-a-glove” feeling when we purchase. Instead of forming our strategy to fit a particular vendor, we now have the luxury and the desire to have vendors form to our needs.

At EMC, our modular approach to IT allows for a custom-fit strategy for your data center. From VNX to VMAX, Isilon to Data Domain, you’ve continued to vote for EMC with your wallets. And we thank you! Our attention is entirely yours.


EMC- The Successful Art of Listening

If you’re not first, you’re last! In a recent study in eweek done by IDC, the leading external disk market belongs to EMCand it’s not even close.

1.) EMC- 30.4% Market Share

2.) IBM- 12.9% Market Share

3.) NetApp- 12.1% Market Share

Another article from Channel Insider describes EMC’s position in the NAS market:

“EMC dominates the NAS market with 50.5 percent revenue share, reports IDC, followed by NetApp with 20 percent. The iSCSI SAN market posted 41 percent revenue growth year on year, led by Dell (29 percent) and HP (18.5 percent). The total open networked disk storage market grew 3.6 percent year to $4.2 billion in revenues, headed by EMC (28 percent) and IBM (16 percent), while the Open SAN market grew 1 percent year on year, with EMC (20 percent) and IBM (19 percent) taking the revenue lead.”

That number one slot also belongs to EMC in both the Total Open Networked Storage Market and Open SAN market.

My $.02: In an industry with countless companies scratching and clawing for a piece of the proverbial pie, “innovators’ are looking for the next best thing to take down the “500 pound gorilla” (EMC). Over the years, there have been several features and functionality that have splashed onto the market. However, at the end of the day, companies of all sizes really care about three things:

  1. Does it work?
  2. Will it make my company better?
  3. Can I afford it?

So, why does EMC continue to stand at the top of the podium? THEY LISTEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS.  Below is how EMC listens and responds to it’s customers:

  1. Up and Humming! Before EMC adds the bells and whistles to their technology, they make sure it works. Furthermore, they make sure it works better than any competition. For example, EMC is the only company in the market that can validate 5 9’s of availability. This means, 99.999% of the time, your EMC storage will be up and humming.
  2. Matches Made in Heaven!- The most important assets to a business (besides its people) are the applications it uses, and the data it creates and stores. Because of this, EMC partners with VMWare (Well duh! EMC kind of owns VMware), Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Citrix, and others in order to make your company better. Better integration means better performance and less time. Better performance means more revenue for the business. Less time for I.T. means more time to generate revenue.
  3. Buy Less Storage!?– EMC lets you buy less storage than their competition. With a 25% Guarantee, purchasing EMC means you spend less on storage. With EMC, added intelligence means automated tasks, increased efficiencies, and better ROI/TCO than their competition. 

Are you listening? You can let EMC know what you think at any time by emailing them directly at Go ahead and give it a try. Trust me, they’re there!


The Shopper, the Sport, and The Twilight Zone…and VSPEX!? (Part III of III)

We purchase to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. We purchase so others can be happy. We purchase to stay ahead of our competition. Within the corporate world, it doesn’t change much. Initiatives surrounding business agility, efficiency, and simplicity have become top priority to the majority of companies worldwide. Within IT, companies of all sizes turn to security, storage consolidation, virtualization, backup, and disaster recovery to meet these business initiatives.

With the complexities of these technologies and strategies at an all-time high, we turn to manufacturers and resellers to provide them with the best fit solution for their needs.

But who actually owns responsibility to find the best fit? Quite simply, if we (consumers) want a strategy implemented, we must purchase strategically. As obvious as this seems, very few companies live by this. We bluff, hide, lie, and disregard all kinds of information that if used and explained correctly, would make our experience and decisions much easier, and the process much more streamlined.

The canyon between the buyer and seller is much wider than it needs to be. In order to close this gap, instead of simply asking for a product under $X, that would fit for Y, why not divulge what our current challenges and goals are, and then ask for the best referenced solution to support them?

In the realm of IT, value is key. Not only are companies searching for the best product, but they are looking for the most features and flexibility, along with support to help with implementation and troubleshooting. Price is important, but not as much as value when the bloodline of the business (its information) is at stake. The partners your business aligns with, and the technology you choose to fit your business needs, are most important.

Today (quite literally), you’re seeing the importance of value and relationships addressed with EMC’s announcement of VSPEX. Leaders in the industry including Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, Intel, Dell and HP (crazy, right!?), Brocade, and Citrix have all come together with EMC to deliver guaranteed interoperability and integration throughout the data center. With this pre-packaged out-of-the-box solution, networking, storage, virtualization, and support initiatives are all solved with the best technologies in the industry.

So what does this mean for customers, partners, and the manufacturer? Today, businesses are yearning for value. They are constantly looking for strategies to provide less risk and less complexity, more agility and more flexibility. The VSPEX is just that. VSPEX provides any organization the opportunity to develop relationships with the worldwide leaders in IT to help springboard its business initiatives to efficient resolution.