Technology and Me- the Xbox One


In a previous post (The Buyer in Me), I talked about my own buying criteria, and what I feel companies should focus on when looking to innovate.

“What can we bring to our customers that will positively disrupt their everyday lives?”

xboxSo when the Xbox One was finally released, I was one of the first to line up. Am I a huge gamer? Hardly. But did I purchase the Xbox for gaming? Um…sort of…but not really. Now there are obvious capabilities that it has (i.e. Blu-ray player, gaming console, music player, etc…), but none of these were what drew me in.

The main reason I have the Xbox is because it has positively disrupted and enhanced my everyday life and entertainment. I no longer need to use/hunt for any remote control(s), no longer do I need to Skype with my family/friends through a 13″ screen.

  • Walking into the house, I simply say “Xbox on” to turn on the TV, cable, and audio.
  • My family and I want to Skype? I receive a Skype notification on my TV, and with a twitch of the nose and an “Xbox answer”, I’m video chatting with my family in full 1080p.
  • Watching TV and can’t find the remote? “Xbox volume up”, “Xbox mute”, “Xbox pause”, “Xbox go to ESPN”, “Xbox go to Netflix”,  and poof!
  • Want/need to multitask? You can “snap” the screen and play Forza Motorsport 5, while your significant other can watch “The Food Network”.
  • Hate going to the gym in the winter? No excuses now!

Every day we realize more and more ways that this system enhances our entertainment experience, and it is truly becoming the gift that keeps on giving.

Ease of use? *check*. Simplicity? *check*. Powerful? *check*.

What EMC has done to to the enterprise storage market, Microsoft has done to my living room entertainment!




“What are you doing for the holidays?”

It’s that time of year again folks. The holiday season is in full swing, and travel is at its highest peak. As many places as there are to travel in this world, during this time of year, the majority of us all pack up are things and arrive at the same destination.

We’re going home…

It is at this time that we forget about our daily struggles, our stresses, our differences, and we enjoy those that have been with you through it all. Our family and our friends, our pets and our favorite dining, our photo albums and our memories.

Here, we take a second to just breathe. To do…nothing…and be ok with it. We reminisce on our childhood, we laugh and we cry (tears of joy), we clean and we fight, we eat and we love.

My home is my family. My home is right here with my better half and Iris . My home is all of the taco shops and In N’ Outs. My home is my best of friends.

I hope that during this holiday season, we can all go “home”…to wherever and whatever our homes may be.

So what is your home?