Investing in your Brand



You’re an individual, a business, a family, an organization, a human. In the many roles you play in this world, you are constantly weighing the options for investments from all different angles.

Should you invest your time at the gym for the payoff of health and wellness? Are you going to invest your hard earned dollar in education for the payoff of future success in the real world for yourself or your loved ones? Are you investing in your employees to provide your company countless competitive advantages? Are you investing in technologies to better your quality of life?

Investments come with risk, and if done right, often come with a heavily outweighing reward. For EMC, investing is what has changed us from a storage company focused solely on enterprise business, to the data center company that has products and solutions for almost every technology challenge that consumers face. By investing in our people, we are able to help bring products, strategies, and ideologies to the market faster than our competition. By investing  countless millions in R&D, we are able to produce best in class functionality. By investing in other leading companies in their fields (i.e. VMWare, RSA, Data Domain, Avamar, Mozy, Syncplicity, etc…), we are able to bring more value to more customers around more initiatives and challenges than any of our competition.

So, looking at your investments possibilities, why you choose to partake or not is entirely up to you. But doing so, think about the brand you want to leave behind. Think of the effects your organization has on others. Think about the reward and the endless possibilities.