EMC’s leading share of global disk storage is now up to 34.2%. IBM, NTAP, and Hitachi (ranked second, third, and fourth, respectively) combine for 33.5% market share.


A recent article published yesterday by “The Register” highlights EMC’s ever-growing footprint in data centers globally. In our ever-changing climate, customers want choice. As a consumer, we want customization. We want purpose-built. We want the “fit-like-a-glove” feeling when we purchase. Instead of forming our strategy to fit a particular vendor, we now have the luxury and the desire to have vendors form to our needs.

At EMC, our modular approach to IT allows for a custom-fit strategy for your data center. From VNX to VMAX, Isilon to Data Domain, you’ve continued to vote for EMC with your wallets. And we thank you! Our attention is entirely yours.


Quote of the Day


“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

RIP Steve. You’re truly missed by the world. Clearly you were the one steering the ship, which since has gone a bit off course.

Straight into a Samsung Iceberg.

steve jobs quotes crazy ones change the world

Fusion, FAST, and Freedom (Part I of II)

With the holiday season just around the corner, we’re all creating our holiday wish list of things we need and/or want. With incredible new technology, gadgets, and cars being created faster than ever before, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in production. It appears that manufacturers have conceded to the realization that it is extremely difficult to produce new hardware that drastically differs from what has already been created.

Sure, there could be a new design, or a new color, or new form factor, but from a hardware perspective, we are in a commodity based market. Today, companies are instead investing their precious R&D dollars into software in order to create differentiation from their competition. It is this differentiation that draws consumers to sway towards one product over another.

Mac vs PC, Ford Fusion vs Honda Accord, EMC vs Dell, iPhone vs SIII, etc…The comparisons go on forever, and what separates these companies is the added intelligence (software) they place on top of their commodity hardware that earns them a spot on our wish lists.

Whether it’s a consumer or a business, this generation is looking for something that makes it’s life easier. We want something that makes us more efficient. We want something that saves us time. We want to work smarter, not harder. We want something that just works.

“Just give us that precious R.O.I.!”

So who’s giving us what we want? Who’s making our life easier? Who is giving us back our time and freedom?

In case you missed it yesterday, Apple had quite the mini announcement of new products that has gotten the tech world in a tizzy. But under the covers of these new products are prime examples of how leaders in the industry are differentiating themselves from their competition with software advancements.

The fusion of hardware and software is where the money is made…and spent!

…But why?

To be continued…

What Are We Buying!? (Part II of III)

The Want, the Dull, and the Potato Twister

We’ve all been there. We enter the car dealership, the mall, answer the phone or visit a website looking for a specific product or service. Whether it’s the car, the pair of shoes, the headphones, the sun-lotion, or the storage array, we’ve all gone in hoping to find what we want and need, then are swiftly and painfully shot back down to reality with the constant “Let me show you how amazing all of this stuff is that you actually don’t need but my company trained me to sell you anyways”. It’s a constant battle we face, full of the quick look-away, fake cell phone conversation, “I’m just looking”, and “I’m all set”.

*Are you shaking your head in disgust?*

What if they actually knew what we needed, or laid out the options of what we could possibly purchase to satisfy all of our heart’s desires. Now, companies are finally beginning to listen to this concept, and are making it easier than ever before for us to research, customize, and purchase almost anything we want. We can pick and choose our dinners with Applebee’s 2 for $20 menu (Potato Twisters!? I’ll take two!), and can customize our new Audi S4. It is safe to say that we all like the availability of choice and flexibility. We like to be able to swap out dressings on our salads, upgrade the headlights on our car, and have a technology based on what we actually want.

Imagine the only way you could purchase a car is if it came with three sets of different headlights, sets of tires for the winter and summer seasons, three cans of different colored paint, subwoofers for premium sound, and a car seat for your non-existent child. Would we all love the idea of having these as an additional add-on feature? Absolutely! Living in New England, I would love to have tires for different seasons (or all weather tires for consolidation…PUN), but if I lived in Tempe, Arizona, not a chance!

“…but we’re giving you all of the options you could ever imagine (and probably never need) up front! That way if you ever need them, you’ll be all set and ready to conquer the world.”

Yeah…no thank you.



To be continued…

*In the meantime, click here for part one!

What Are We Buying!? (Part I of III)

The Swimsuit, the Swoosh, and the D.I.Y.

‘Tis the season to be fit! Bright colors are beginning to bloom, the sun is shining (everywhere except Boston), and people are in more of a craze now than ever before to get in “summer shape” for the bathing suit and vacation season.

If you need a little extra motivation, watch this awesome video to “Make It Count”!

I am definitely a part of that craze. Over the last few months I have started to eat healthier, become more physically active (understatement), have surrounded myself with like-minded groups of people who love it as much as I do, and could not be any happier with my results both physically and mentally.


To help with motivation, I signed myself up for a brisk five-mile race a while back…no biggie, right!? Now, with my Harpoon 5-Miler race fast approaching (11 days to go…yikes), I’m quickly realizing what matters most and what is needed when preparing for such adventures. Among the many necessities, your shoes may be the single most important thing. Knowing the importance, a good friend of mine referred me to NikeiD and the Nike Free. Needless to say, after several alterations of every color scheme and fit on the planet (at least it seemed that way), I finally landed on a gem!

Unfortunately, the chances of them arriving before race-day are slim-to-none since I ordered them…30 minutes ago, but I will be able to enjoy them for the majority of the summer and beyond.

Being able to customize my purchase was actually an awesome experience. I felt as if I was down and dirty in their supply chain painting the sole, gluing the logos, painting the finishing touches, and shipping it off to the customer-ME! I want this for all of my purchases. I would like to take my goals, preferences, and needs and create a product to fit those for everything!

Today, there are many “do it yourself” (D.I.Y.) options given in a plethora of different categories, and we love them all. From Happy Meals (App Store) to automobiles (gold), from websites to mattresses (Shaq) and storage arrays (VNX), our customizable options are endless and there for the choosing.

Would you rather have the one-size-fits-all, or would you like to customize your purchases? Does that depend on what you’re purchasing (think about it before quickly responding)? Do you want to pay for things that you may never use?

As ridiculous as some of these questions may sound, and as obvious as the answers may seem, it continues to shock me when manufacturers force feed us features and functionality that we simply do not want or need.

I may or may not have recently had a discussion with another large manufacturer around this very topic earlier this afternoon around lunch time in a particularly public community that is focused on a particular industry, and their response to this discussion may shock you (it definitely shocked me)…

To be continued…

The Interview, the Sale, and the Glass House

Imagine you’ve been invited to the final round of interviews for your dream job at your dream company. They tell you there are two other finalists, whom you actually know. What are you going to prepare? What questions are you going to ask? Why are you the ideal candidate for the role? It’s your time to shine.

*Queue “Eye of the Tiger”*

There are several things to consider when preparing for an interview. So often we think of all the ways to amaze the interviewer or panel, blow away the competition, and sail off into the sunset holding hands with your new employer. Unfortunately, we often forget what NOT to do. Chewing gum, wearing bright colored suits, using profanity, and forgetting your resume are obvious no-no’s (I could not possibly create a full list of all of the ridiculous no-no’s, because the post would never actually end), but there is one no-no that trumps them all.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, talk negatively about other candidates! When explaining why you are the ideal candidate for their company, do not explain why others are not. Take your skillsets, your experiences, your background, and showcase and relate them to the company to bring a positive aura around you and the room. As soon as companies hear you bring negativity to the room (even if it is about others), you quickly lose credibility, and it shows a sense of panic and insecurity. A simple as “While others may do X, this is how my Y will bring you value.” goes worlds further than “They are unable to do X, Y, and Z, therefore you should pick me.”

If you are indeed the best fit, you should be able to stand on your own two feet and win the job solely on the value you bring to their organization. If you are unable to, then you must begin to realize that you may not be the best fit …my sincere apologies.

The act of interviewing begs us to think about the art of selling. When interviewing, you sell yourself- you are the product. The art of selling, therefore, should be about the product and not its competition. You should be constantly selling yourself, your goals, your company, your differentiated product, your strategy, and your value.

Is your goal to win, or is your goal to prove why others should not? Are you going to be that person? Are you going to be that company?

I hope not. Actually, maybe I hope you are… 🙂