Driving in a Winter Wonderland- Smart Snowplows!?


Since moving from San Diego to New England, I’ve endured quite a few climate changes that I had never experienced before:

  • “Wow, look at all the yellow leaves!”
  • “So this is why AWD is so popular!”
  • “I guess you can’t wear sandals in December here…”
  • “So that’s what a snow plow looks like…”


In the movies, or in the comfort of our warm and cozy homes, snow brings a sense of holiday cheer, and sense of calm. I’ve caught myself countless times just staring out my window at the snow (San Diego, remember…?) I’ve come to realize I had never experienced a real winter until moving to the northeast.

As much as I love our winters, (we’ll see how I feel in a few years), and as much as I love my Quattro, driving still can be a bit stressful. The roads are icy, the snow is thick, the drivers are crazy, and the plows may or may not have come through yet. *insert frowny face here*

snow trafficIn a recent article published by Mashable, it looks like we may be in luck, as four states (Let’s get it together MA!) are testing the use of smart snowplows with the goal to help make our roads safer. 

Here’s a quick excerpt from the article that explains how they’ll work:

“The system integrates GPS-coded measurements from sensors on the snowplows with computer weather models and satellite and radar observations to produce updates every five to 15 minutes on the road, as well as weather conditions. These detailed, close-to-real-time snapshots are then relayed to transportation officials in the hope that they will be able to target the most dangerous stretches of highway before accidents happen.”

UM. YES PLEASE! But until these come down the pike (pun), let’s try and be safe drivers this winter!

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Does Your Data Make You Sweat?


What can brown data do for you? In my previous post, I talked about the impact that our data creation has on our lives. Data is currently used for saving lives, preserving history, space travel, motivation, nutrition, and countless other ways that positively benefit race. According to a 2012 study/infographic, Every minute we are sending 100,000 tweets and are spending over $272,000 on web shopping. With all of this data and activity we are adding to/from our daily lives, why not use some of it for your own everyday health and wellness?

2014 may very well be the year of the “smart watches” and activity trackers, and companies like Nike, Jawbone, Fitbit, and Samsung, are all-in, with Apple rumored to be joining the fun soon.

Activity trackers such as the Nike Fuelband, Jawbone Up, and Fitbit Force (my personal favorite) allow you to learn, track, compare, and even set goals for your personal fitness. You can track sleeping patterns, food intake, steps taken, distance,  and even compete against your friends and family for added motivation. By simply wearing a wristband, your personalized health and wellness “data” is being constantly tracked and converted to provide you insight into your personal well-being.

How close are you to 10,000 steps today? With these technologies, you’ll know at all times.

My data helps me sweat, helps me sleep, helps me eat healthier,  and motivates me to keep moving. What does your data do for you?



EMC reveals the first results of The Human Face of Big Data on Oct 2nd

Be a Part of Time Travel – The Human Face of Big Data

Big Data is BIGGER than we think!

Clive Gold

Imagine if you could have interacted with today’s www fifteen years ago. I believe that ‘Big Data’ is going to have an even more profound effect than the internet has had on our lives, our work and even our play! The Human Face of Big Data is a project that is designed to give us a glimpse into this future. (www.thehumanfaceofbigdata.com)

To me this thing that is being called ‘Big Data’ is quite simply a shift in what we use technology for. In the past technology has in general automated what we could already do manually. We could keep customer records, write out purchase orders, hand write notes, even walk over and talk to people! (OK that last one was a lot harder if they lived on the other side of the world!)

The current transition is where we use technology to supplement our brains, which it is said can…

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Facebook, the Run, and That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling (Part II)

Well Memorial Weekend is officially over with no chance of coming back for another 362 more days. And I have to say, the weather gods were definitely shining down on the New England states. With forecasts of thunderstorms and rain, the surprising eighty degree perfect weather we had once the family arrived was a tremendous uplift to the weekend! Visits to Foxwoods Casino, Providence, RI and the awesome “Water Fire” event, and the Cape for tremendous amounts of relaxation and food definitely accounted for numerous pictures uploaded to Facebook to document my travels.

I was taking pictures on my iPhone, then opening the Facebook application, then wiggling my nose to have them magically appear on my Facebook profile. Ta-Da!

*insert warm and fuzzy feeling once again*

Now I cannot confirm nor deny the validity of the countless articles that have touched on a deal struck between Facebook and EMC (see this link or this link). It makes complete and perfect sense and I would be not the least bit shocked if it holds true. However, if it does come out to be valid, EMC, Apple, and Facebook, three of the most iconic companies in their industries (or in the world for that matter) will all be joined at the hip by a pretty Isilon bow.

**Isilon, which EMC acquired late 2010, has been the driving technology behind storing, managing, and utilizing “big data”.companies of all sizes including AT&T, Apple, Northwestern University, Pechanga Resort & Casino, ABC,  NBC, and Rhythm & Hughes are using this technology to  not only enhance their technology environment and gain a competitive edge, but also streamline processes and save massive amounts on the bottom line.**

Take a second and think about where all of your information lives. Your bank accounts, your social landscape (i.e. email, cell-phone, and social-networking sites), your company’s information, your competitions information…

Someone and some company is behind all of it. Do you trust them with your information? Do you even know who they are!?

EMC World Has Gone Cloud Freaky!

In case you haven’t heard, EMC World is in full swing. With a Mega-launch of 42 new products (no that is not a typo), there has been quite the buzz surrounding Las Vegas. With products designed for literally all business sizes, EMC has *transformed* the industry once again.

If you thought a Fortune 200 company couldn’t produce a rap video, think again! Watch out LMFAO! In a music video packed with strobe lights, V-Blocks, gorillas and ridiculous rhymes, EMC has given the world a wildly hilarious yet severely informative look inside EMC’s position in the industry.

With over 15,000 in attendance, EMC World has been quite the scene. From the opening keynote with a backdrop of a 400 foot screen for our visual pleasure and new product releases and acquisitions, to the upcoming Maroon-5 concert and Transformer Prime sightings, the agenda has been jam packed with all kinds of “Mick Jagger” fun.

I’ll be doing a larger deep dive into the releases, acquisitions, EMC’s place in the marketplace, and how EMC stacks up to the competition soon.

Speaking of our competition, if you’re still in need of some comedic relief, please watch the following 15 second video of “Ham on Cats Face”. If you’re asking how it relates to the competition, you’ll be amazed when you learn how much it actually does!

More to come!

The Flop, the River, and Big Data (Part II)

Anyways, I did just that. I checked my phone and compared my balance to the number I allotted to “vacation”, and swiftly strolled to the ATM for some more fun because well, it’s Las Vegas!

I went on to win it back, then lose it again on an all-in blackjack hand where I received yet another busted twelve.

Overall, I ended my gambling experience in the black, with plenty of stories to tell. Whew.

That night, as I was staring at the billions of dollars earned, won, built, lost, ripped and drank away from Sin City, I thought back to my bank account and how I faired over the weekend. However, I would never know unless I was able to check my account, use the ATM, and swipe the debit card everywhere. Without “big data”, and the ability to seamlessly use it in my everyday life, Vegas would not be nearly as glorious. Without big data analytics, Vegas would consistently lose money, and casinos would fall day by day. These analytics are used throughout Vegas, and are why casinos know everything from when to raise the rates of their rooms, to where to place their machines, to whom they should compensate for their frequent visits and “customer loyalty”.

On the flip side, big data that is unable to be accessed could be even more impactful! Imagine walking into Las Vegas, unable to check your bank account, use your ATM/Credit card, access the internet, or use your phone… FAIL.

I love the idea of big data, and how it surrounds our daily life. However I love it more when it works. That is why EMC has put such a maniacal focus on it. Big data used correctly enables companies all over the globe to not only proactively store that data, but use it to allow us to live an easier, more efficient lifestyle both in the office, as well as on vacation.