Driving in a Winter Wonderland- Smart Snowplows!?


Since moving from San Diego to New England, I’ve endured quite a few climate changes that I had never experienced before:

  • “Wow, look at all the yellow leaves!”
  • “So this is why AWD is so popular!”
  • “I guess you can’t wear sandals in December here…”
  • “So that’s what a snow plow looks like…”


In the movies, or in the comfort of our warm and cozy homes, snow brings a sense of holiday cheer, and sense of calm. I’ve caught myself countless times just staring out my window at the snow (San Diego, remember…?) I’ve come to realize I had never experienced a real winter until moving to the northeast.

As much as I love our winters, (we’ll see how I feel in a few years), and as much as I love my Quattro, driving still can be a bit stressful. The roads are icy, the snow is thick, the drivers are crazy, and the plows may or may not have come through yet. *insert frowny face here*

snow trafficIn a recent article published by Mashable, it looks like we may be in luck, as four states (Let’s get it together MA!) are testing the use of smart snowplows with the goal to help make our roads safer. 

Here’s a quick excerpt from the article that explains how they’ll work:

“The system integrates GPS-coded measurements from sensors on the snowplows with computer weather models and satellite and radar observations to produce updates every five to 15 minutes on the road, as well as weather conditions. These detailed, close-to-real-time snapshots are then relayed to transportation officials in the hope that they will be able to target the most dangerous stretches of highway before accidents happen.”

UM. YES PLEASE! But until these come down the pike (pun), let’s try and be safe drivers this winter!

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The Buyer in Me


Puzzle (1)If “Innovation” had a twitter account, its following would be near infinite. Seriously. Companies and entrepreneurs all over the globe, in almost every industry, are constantly looking for new ways to bring products/services to a target audience.

“What can we bring to our customers that will positively disrupt their everyday lives?”

But who knows what we as the target audience actually wants or needs? One could argue that the greatest of innovators are those who bring disruptive technologies/products/services to the table that nobody knows they actually need. So how do companies build their target audience? How do they market their innovation? How do they know what we care about? Far too often I feel companies lose track of what we want, and try and force-feed us with things without digging enough into the minds of the buyer.

Well innovators, this blog is for you! Who is the buyer in me, you ask?

From laptop to cell phone, cars to gym shoes, storage arrays to activity trackers, your best bet to my wallet is to follow these simple instructions. 

Make it work…well. Make it easy. Make it last. Make it sexy.

#Macbook #iPhone #Audi #NikeFree #EMC #Fitbit

That’s the buyer in me…

Who’s the buyer in you?

What Are We Buying!? (Part II of III)

The Want, the Dull, and the Potato Twister

We’ve all been there. We enter the car dealership, the mall, answer the phone or visit a website looking for a specific product or service. Whether it’s the car, the pair of shoes, the headphones, the sun-lotion, or the storage array, we’ve all gone in hoping to find what we want and need, then are swiftly and painfully shot back down to reality with the constant “Let me show you how amazing all of this stuff is that you actually don’t need but my company trained me to sell you anyways”. It’s a constant battle we face, full of the quick look-away, fake cell phone conversation, “I’m just looking”, and “I’m all set”.

*Are you shaking your head in disgust?*

What if they actually knew what we needed, or laid out the options of what we could possibly purchase to satisfy all of our heart’s desires. Now, companies are finally beginning to listen to this concept, and are making it easier than ever before for us to research, customize, and purchase almost anything we want. We can pick and choose our dinners with Applebee’s 2 for $20 menu (Potato Twisters!? I’ll take two!), and can customize our new Audi S4. It is safe to say that we all like the availability of choice and flexibility. We like to be able to swap out dressings on our salads, upgrade the headlights on our car, and have a technology based on what we actually want.

Imagine the only way you could purchase a car is if it came with three sets of different headlights, sets of tires for the winter and summer seasons, three cans of different colored paint, subwoofers for premium sound, and a car seat for your non-existent child. Would we all love the idea of having these as an additional add-on feature? Absolutely! Living in New England, I would love to have tires for different seasons (or all weather tires for consolidation…PUN), but if I lived in Tempe, Arizona, not a chance!

“…but we’re giving you all of the options you could ever imagine (and probably never need) up front! That way if you ever need them, you’ll be all set and ready to conquer the world.”

Yeah…no thank you.



To be continued…

*In the meantime, click here for part one!

“Rip and Replace”- The Consumer/Manufacturer Battle Royale

“Rip and Replace”- The Consumer/Manufacturer Battle Royale.

“Rip and Replace”- The Consumer/Manufacturer Battle Royale

What makes the greatest companies in the world so prodigious? Why do consumers line up days or even weeks before a release just to spend their money? What is it that keeps the prospecting and existing customers begging for something “harder, better, faster, stronger”?

As much as Daft Punk and Kanye West would like to take credit, there is a much larger culprit that is helping the common folk gladly fork out their change. As I sat down at my computer watching the release of “The New iPad” (which btw, WHY would Apple call it that!? What happens next year when the new-er iPad comes out? Mass confusion and frustration will soon circumvent the globe.), I immediately thought about the reasons why people would purchase one. It’s better, faster, stronger, prettier, and it’s Apple, and therefore people are going to buy.

The New iPad is just a microcosm of the idea of what I’ve come to learn as “Rip and Replace”. From tablets and televisions, phones and computers, to automobiles and storage arrays, rip and replace is everywhere, and we love to hate it. Nonetheless, are we ever going to ask Apple to stop innovating? Are we going to ask EMC or VMware to stop innovating? Are we going to ask Audi to stop improving their already stellar cars?

As much as we dislike spending money on technology that at one time did all we needed it to do, innovation from these market leaders are what push the boundaries of technology, and helps us streamline all avenues of our hustle and bustle lives.