Next (Wo)Man Up!

Being a part of a team is something we all experience throughout our lives. From pre-school to college, athletics to careers, we work together to achieve common goals.

As I’ve become older, one motto that I have grown to appreciate is the motto of “Next Man Up”. We constantly see it in sports. A team is poised to go the distance and win everything, when all of a sudden, their star player (or players) go down with an injury, ending their hopes for a championship.

Or does it? it shouldn’t.

As weird as it sounds, the best “team” is rarely the one with the star studded ponies. Yes, they have great players, but teams with cohesion, depth, chemistry, and a little bit of luck are usually the ones standing at the end of it all.

When a team member “goes down”, who else on the team can step up in their absence? Who can help carry the load until they return? This does not only pertain to athletics. In our professional lives, members of our teams miss work due to a plethora of different reasons, and it ends up being all-hands-on-deck until they return.

But in order for this to work, the team needs chemistry, the team needs to all strive towards a common goal. The team needs to care for one another. The team must care.






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