An Interview with Jason Capitel, EMC EMEA COO a review of EMC’S strategy past, present and future.

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Before we begin we would firstly like to thank Jason for taking the time to partake in this interview.

 Jason Capitel

1. Can you give us a little background on your EMC Career to date and what your ambitions are for the future?

So I joined EMC back in to 2003, nearly 11 years ago to the date. During that time EMC was going through a lot of changes in terms of strategy, along with the share price taking a drastic drop for $103 per share to $3 per share. In 2002 Symmetrix was the main product EMC was offering with a turnover of $8+ billion which drastically dropped to $5.2 billion through market changes and the .com challenge. This caused a lot of my friends to ask me ‘why are you joining EMC?’  My response was ‘EMC has a great brand, smart people, great technology and most importantly they care…

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