Interview with Vitor Baptista – Backup and Recovery Specialist EMEA, Senior Development Manager

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Who are you? How long have you worked for EMC?


I’m Vitor Baptista, 46 years old, Portuguese, married and father of 2 boys. I joined EMC in 2000 and I was the first System Engineer in EMC Portugal. Over the last few years at EMC I’ve done a lot of interesting things, from pre-sales to services sales, from  EMEA pre-sales management to sales and partner development.

Before that I worked for customers, partners and other IT multinationals, like IBM, Informix, Olivetti and Data General. For more than 25 years my jobs (and hobbies) have been related with IT, mainly on the technical side.

What do you most like about your current role as Senior Development Manager.

The best thing about my current role is related to teaching activity. My main focus is to educate and evangelize internal resources and partners on how EMC can solve some of the major challenges…

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