ESG IT Audit Validates EMC’s Remarkable Cloud Transformation

Drinking the Kool-Aid, Eating your own dog food. Practice what we preach. Whatever cliche you want to use, we’re definitely taking this “Transformation” journey to heart. The best part of it? Companies from SMB’s with minimal TB’s all the way to large scale Enterprises with PB’s can now achieve the same transformation benefits!


EMC IT Proven

By Jon Peirce — Senior Vice President, EMC IT 

It’s official. EMC IT has achieved tens of millions of dollars in savings as well as huge leaps in agility and productivity over the last nine years on its journey to the cloud.  In a newly released audit report evaluating EMC IT’s cloud transformation, IT analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group Inc. (ESG) concluded “the results that EMC has achieved are truly stunning.”

The results include $66 million in operating expense savings, $157 million in capital expense avoidance, an 88 percent increase in productivity, a nine-fold increase in agility and a 100-million-pound reduction in CO2 produced over the past nine years. And while we were making those strides, EMC grew its revenue from $8.2 billion to $21.7 billion. (Read the ESG IT Audit Report:

The ESG report, updating its two earlier IT audits in 2009 and 2010, is concrete…

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