The Value of the Customer

shakeFor a company that is spread throughout so many different channels, verticals, initiatives, and continents, there are many core values that mold and embrace its consistency. One of the core values instilled by Mr. Tucci in 2004, and trickled down to every EMC employee since is the value of the customer experience. The voice of the customer.

Total. Customer. Experience. (TCE)

Now what does that mean exactly? At the end of the day, we are trained do the right thing for the customer. Through and through.

Fast-forward to 2013. EMC has new products designed specifically for customer use-cases of all sizes and budgets. Even you, SMB. Even you…

EMC has world class support all over the globe. EMC has been named storage company of the year, virtualization platform of the year, etc…

But what I am most proud of, and am most passionate for, is the happiness of the customer. So when I see that EMC has recently won the 2012 Customer Experience Excellence (CxE) Award, it makes me proud to work at EMC.

It shows the consistent value of our products, our support, our services, and our customers’ experience.

It shows that we listen.

It shows that we care.

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