Live Strong

Judgment day has come for Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong brand. After years of extreme defensive measures, outright attacks on the accusers, and seven Tour de France victories, Lance has finally admitted it.

Pause for dramatic effect…

However, what is more amazing to me is the emotions stirred from his admission of guilt. The craziest part of this entire saga is that we’re not in shock, there is no remorse for Lance, nor is there a tear shed for the pressure he’s had during his career. Furthermore, we’re not all that upset for what Lance actually did wrong. Seriously, everyone was doing it! What people are downright outraged by is the way in which he presented himself during the time that he was doing it:

“I’m doing it to fund the fight against doping”

“I can’t lie”

“Desperate for attention and money”

“I’m going to make your life a living… f—ing … hell”

These direct quotes from Lance throughout the years defending his innocence, and attacking those who question it would be (at least a little more) acceptable if…you know…he was actually TELLING THE TRUTH! For someone with so much fame, so much to lose, and an almost spiritual following, he sure did have an uncanny way to nuke anyone who crossed his overwhelming guilt.

Watching him in the interview with Oprah, giving arctic-like cold answers, you soon realize that you have no remorse, and have become desensitized.

I do not remember an era with so many world-class athletes being tossed from the throne, down to the grave, so quickly. From Tiger to Tyson , A-Rod to Bonds, Lance to Manti Te’o, you begin to question what makes the superstar such a super star.

In a world where we idolize salaries and superstars, accolades and records, let’s stop for a second and acknowledge those who do “it” the right way. It takes a lot to become the greatest. However, in my mind, sometimes it takes more to simply say, “It’s not worth it.”


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