Great insight! I love the perspective.

Clive Gold

@chuckhollis posted a blog recently which equates IT to a modern factory, (here). This is great, as some of you know,  I am the analogy king and I’ve been thinking about this analogy for a while.. and Chuck has beat me to it!factory

Chuck talks about the functions of a modern factory and how they relate to modern IT, such as:- “demand forecasting, process optimization, supply chain optimization — and, yes, product quality”. It’s a great article and traces the parallels between them, however I was thinking about a couple of issues that he only touches on.

Agility:- is the catch cry of the Cloud discussion- however what do we mean by agility? Chuck talks about agility in terms of scale; get bigger or smaller very quickly!  However, how about agility in terms of ‘flexible manufacturing’, where a factory has tooling that allows it to be re-configured…

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