EMC’s Backup Portfolio- All Star Cast. All-Star Performance

In a technology realm that has become so diluted, EMC continues to stretch the gap between themselves and their competition. From virtualization (VMWare) and security (RSA), to storage (VNX and Isilon) and Information Intelligence, EMC has developed quite the winning portfolio of solutions to combat challenges that businesses face on a daily basis.

Through speed, scale, and savings, EMC’s AVAMAR backup solution has provided overwhelming success for it’s customers.

When businesses go through their business processes, one of the most important to have solidified is their backup/disaster recovery plan. In many instances, there is none. In many other instances, that plan doesn’t work. In other plans, that plan does not work well enough. In this increasingly digital era, information is becoming exponentially more important than in the past. Because of this, protecting it is of utmost importance.

When Directors and C-Levels answer, “How much does your information mean to your business?” their answers are unanimously equal. However, the steps and strategies they realize they’re taking to ensure it’s existence is surprisingly…for a lack of a better phrase…ALL OVER THE PLACE.

This is where EMC’s Backup portfolio comes in, and why it’s been so successful for both EMC and it’s customers. From the “Mom and Pop shop” to Fortune 100 companies, the importance they place on their information is equal. However, It’s the budget to protect it that is different. Knowing this, EMC now has solutions to fit budgets and environments of all sizes.

Below is a recent press release that highlights a few customer success stories.


So, what’s your New Years Resolution (NYR)? How about one for your business? 😉

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