eDisclosure Information Project

Two of the most interesting shifts in the eDiscovery market in recent years are embraced by the words “consolidation” and “integration”. “Consolidation” implies that one company has bought another to fill a gap in its portfolio, to broaden its client-base or to acquire a mixture of skills, IP and markets.  “Integration” connotes a technical relationship by which two companies whose strengths lie in different places in the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) work together to ease the movement of data from one to the other.

This gives potential users an interesting set of choices. They can go with a provider whose portfolio covers the full range of eDiscovery functions (probably as a result of a consolidation event) or they can employ a project manager (whether internal or external) to manage the transition from one platform to another.  Users are pulled in opposing directions here – there are obvious advantages in…

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