The Truth Behind Success?

Our world is full of constant competition, never ending struggles, and peaks and valleys of successes and failures. From the sports we play, to the professions we strive to master, to the fitness we stick to, to the video games we play, to the promotion we’re after, we’re persistent and ruthless until we cross that proverbial finish line before everyone else.


A question I asked myself last night after a double workout session including but not limited to spin class with a FREAK of an instructor (in a good way) and a Boot Camp class (bad idea to do that after spin- never again) is this:


*Why are we so motivated to succeed?*


As much as motivation is a personal thing and very much a case-by-case basis, why we as a society continue to strive for success fascinates me. Is it because we are afraid of failure? Is it because we enjoy seeing others lose? Why do we LOVE the sweet taste of victory?


On the flip side, why are there those select few who are completely comfortable with mediocrity, so complacent with the constant bronze metal, and so accepting of failure?


Where is the healthy balance of success and failure?


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