I was wrong to defend the NFL’s replacement referees: Last night’s call in the Seahawks-Packers game wasa the single worst call in an NFL game I’ve ever seen

I totally agree. I don’t know how I would be as a Seahawks player. It’s literally like stealing candy from a baby and watching them cry, then taking their pacifier too… tragic

The Curmudgeon's Attic

How in the world, with the benefit of instant replay, can you make a call like the one that gave the touchdown and the victory to the Seattle Seahawks last night?

I was actually pulling for the Seahawks, with their snazzy uniforms and rough and tumble defense and new rookie quarterback, to win the game.

But not like that.  How can you get it wrong?  That’s what instant replay is for.   Clearly the ball was intercepted.  If a replacement referee can’t even see, with the benefit of instant replay, that the ball was definitely not in the possession of the receiver as the two men went to the ground, then it’s time to can the replacements. 

For all they’re good for, maybe the league should just go without referees and instant replay, and let the fans decide close calls on a text vote or something.  Even Seahawks fans should have…

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