VNX OE for file v7.1 and Block R5.32 Enhancements


Recently EMC released major upgrades to their code on their mid-range VNX series platforms. The code name for this new release is called “Inyo”.  I would highly encourage customers to upgrade to this new code. As with any major release there are a number of new features. Below are the details:

Storage Pool Enhancements (Mixed Raid Types in Pool):

Now we can create storage pools with SSD, SAS and NL-SAS drives in the same pool. So SSD drive can be of raid 1/0, SAS drives can use raid 5(4+1 or 8+1) and NL-SAS drives can use raid 6 (6+2 or 14+2) all in the same pool. Previously even though you could have all these drive types in the same pool, all of them have of to be of the same raid type. That was not efficient since lets you have you chosen raid 6 for the pool, even the SSD…

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