Sunday Night Football

Dear NFL, You’re killing your brand. Quit being stubborn and cheap and just pay your refs to referee YOUR brand! Your game is about to get out of control (in a bad way).

Boston Without the Accent

Sunday Night Football will be the death of me! Why must it start so late? I think it is safe to say that primetime ends at 11pm not midnight. And I don’t get it because the late afternoon games end by 7:30 so there’s no reason they can’t kickoff SNF then! As if Mondays weren’t torturous enough, the NFL has to make it 10 times worse for football fanatics everywhere (well, on the East Coast at least).

And it seems to be some kind of unwritten rule that the Sunday night games are always the most exciting. It’s never a 35-7 game going into the third quarter like the afternoon games so you can turn it off early, it’s always a nail-biter until 12: freaking 20 AM. Ugh.

So let’s discuss this game.

Bring. Back. The. Real. Refs.

Okay, I think that about summed it up.

But for real, if…

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