Happy Post iPhone Day! Or was it?

Well iPhone Day 2K12 has come and gone. I must say, iPhone 5 looks awesome (aesthetically). It’s got the new two-toned form factor, the 4″ screen, while still thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Apple did a great job of listening to demands of the market and bringing us a product “we” asked for.

Unfortunately, as incredible as the 5 looks, when the keynote ended, I left incredibly disappointed.

*I know, coming from a huge Apple fan, it’s hard to say that!*

Before you jump to the comment section to haze this blasphemous statement, let me explain:

In my previous post, I had one request from Apple- We need something that says, “Screw that other stuff, you will buy this (insert phone and/or any other piece of tech) because it can do what no other ______ can do!”

So, with the new phone front and center for us all to judge, what can it do that the previous generation (or any other phone) can’t do?

The new Siri integration, the new turn-by-turn direction, Facetime over 3G, Passport, and Panoramic pictures all look awesome, and I’m super excited to use them…on my 4S. Thank you iOS6! (Compare iPhones).

I’ll save you the time. From a functionality perspective, the only thing that the iPhone 5 can do (that will actually affect us) that the 4S can’t is shoot 720p front video, you get newer headphones, and it’s a bit faster.

Yeah…that’s it…

Now, aesthetically, it’s probably the best looking phone on the market, with the most attention to detail. It’s sleek, durable, and rugged.

As we all know, Apple stores across the globe will have mazed lines impatiently waiting outside their glass doors cheering, yawning, and napping in anticipation for the opening of the pearly gates.

But should you be one of them? Do we feel entitled to something better? Should we be disappointed with the minimum functional upgrades? Will I buy one  and why (or why not)?

I will answer all these questions in Part 2 soon!

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