Happy iPhone Day! (Pre-Launch)

With the dawn of a new iPhone only three hours away, is it weird that I’m literally antsy with excitement?


No? Didn’t think so.

Before we even get to the new “iPhone 5/The New iPhone/iPhone 6” , do you remember how revolutionary the first iPhone was when it was released!?

Steve Jobs introduces first iPhone- Video (2007)

Moving on to today’s release. Many are clamoring for an iPhone that is as revolutionary as the first, and not just because it’s Apple and that’s what they’ve grown to expect, As crazy as this seems, people almost feel entitled to something special today. Some feel jaded from the 4S and it’s anticlimactic “upgrade” from the 4. Some are anxious at the thought of the Android market possibly catching up to iOS and all its glory. Some are desperate for something that is unique enough to get them away from their current phone (whether they actually need a new phone is debatable at best). Finally, there are those of us (myself included) who fall into the “all of the above” category.

Anybody who knows me knows how infatuated I am with Apple and it’s products and strategic outlook on the market. However, I feel that the rest of 2012, and this iPhone launch (which we don’t really know what they’re going to show us) is one of the most important times for Apple to reaffirm their seat at the head of the tech table.

So how can/will they do this? Will a phone with a larger screen, new docking port, faster processor, new headphones, and new casing get the job done?

I’d argue no…

What about a smaller iPad? New Apple TV? New iPod line-up? How about a revolutionary new iPoo!?

For me, Apple needs something special. Not just something they just call special for those marketing folks, but something that makes us all smile at the thought of it’s use.

We need something that says, “Screw that other stuff, you will buy this (insert phone and/or any other piece of tech) because it can do what no other ______ can do!”

And it should not stop with the iPhone. Apple needs to put a stake down in technology for this year. When you think about it, what technology will 2012 be known for?



*still thinking about it…searching Google…checking pockets*

Apple should know there is a silver platter waiting to be toppled high with a hefty dose of apple pie. I hope we all get a chance at an early dessert.

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