You’ll Never Change…?

You’re never going to change. It’s groundhog day…every day. You’re complacent, stagnant, and unwilling to live your life the way you actually want to, and will live a life full of regrets and wishes unable to come true…


This is harsh, and possibly a bit extreme. But what will it take for you to actually make a change?

“I’ll start going next week”, “Maybe next year”, “I can’t”, “I’m too busy to worry about myself”, “It’s too late”, I’m scared”.

Seriously think about this….sound familiar? As much as we all love to complain about things, and as easy as it is to continue down that “normal” path, do you really want to? Now of course, that path may be the easier one, or the one with the least resistance, but is it the path you want to be remembered by?

If there was one thing you’d like to do today/this month/this year/this decade, what is it?

A promotion? A trip to Europe? A new beginning? How about running a race? Maybe lose “a few” pounds? Happiness? No matter where you are in your life, where you are located, what your profession is, how overweight (or underweight), or how unbearably miserable you are, you CAN change. The only thing you have to ask yourself is how badly you want to change.

…”If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.”… (Please refrain from taking this down a path of, “What if I want a million dollars and a camel and my own jet plane and a genie in a bottle to bring you everything you could imagine!?”. Let’s keep this in the realm of reality)

This is the motto I have lived by since 2005. There have been times when I’ve had a few relapses and chose not to think about it (selective memory, I guess?), but for the most part, it has steered me in the right direction. We all have excuses, we all have our dreams, and we all have the gap that lies between the two. All it takes is motivation, desire, and support in order to close it.

So for you to change, you need to want it. Badly. If you are not changing, it is only because you’re not letting yourself.



And in case you were wondering, on a recent vacation to NYC, I stumbled across a message on the sidewalk that got me thinking… 🙂

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