Sweat Is My Comfort Food

As I’ve gone through my transformation (accidental pun) physically and mentally, I’ve made many lifestyle changes. Gym sessions after the work day is done, “Can I get fruit instead of toast?” requests, actually doing things this summer, saying yes more than no to new things, and living in the moment as much as I can has made these last few months some of the best I’ve had.

However, we all know that life is not all roses. Some days are literally unbearable. Nothing goes well, everybody annoys you, and when there’s no way it can get worse, a child rams their door into your car…


So how do you cope with these times? What is your drink of choice? What is your comfort food to “get you through these times”.

For me, one of the craziest changes I’ve noticed is what has become my “comfort food”…

Good ol’ fashioned sweat! Recently, I had one of those days. To cope, I did not eat a pizza, I did not devour a chocolate cake a la mode, nor did I inhale carne asada fries. Instead, I made a swift trip to the gym, and sweat ALL of it off.

The gym has become my happy place, my sanctuary, my reflection pool, my happy hour, and my dessert.

So next time you’re having one of those days we love to hate, instead of wondering if the day can get any worse, count down the minutes/hours/days until you can make it better (how ever you do it).


2 thoughts on “Sweat Is My Comfort Food

  1. I love this post. I feel like more people should follow your stride. So many people turn to food when they are stressed, depressed, annoyed, etc. Considering we live in a country where around 75% of people are stressed out in their jobs, no wonder almost 70% of America is overweight or obese!

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