Multi-tasking: “Got Nothing on You”- or Me!

One of the first things we as individuals need to do is understand ourselves and how we operate. We eat, we sleep, we are good at problem solving, math, and public speaking, and we are awful at wearing our emotions on our sleeves and keeping our mouths shut at times. We play to our strengths, and hopefully build on our weaknesses to turn them into strengths. “We” understand.

(Side note, what do you wish you were better at?)

Over the course of the last few years, one of the competencies I felt I was strong in was the ability to multi-task. I could walk and talk, talk and drive, sing and run (and shower), talk and surf the web, all pretty easily without any sort of stress, exhaustion, or dwindled execution.

I’ve quickly come to realize that up until recently, I’ve been experiencing the pre-school BABY GAP version of the term.

Multi-tasking (thanks to

  1. computing  the execution of various diverse tasks simultaneously
  2. The carrying out of two or more tasks at the same time by one person

Now, at any given point during the day, I could be typing, speaking, reading, listening, sending, running, updating, tweeting, liking, RSS’ing (because that’s a word), spicing, pushing, calling, posting, blogging, eating, and breathing all AT THE SAME TIME!

It feels incredible. I’m forcing my brain to work harder than it ever has. I’m laughing more, getting more accomplished, and helping more people, and so far the only thing keeping me from more multi-tasking are the amount of monitors I can physically plug in, the speed in which the “refresh” button moves, and sleep.

As we all know, there is a fine line between productivity and diluted execution. I have made a pact (with myself and my company) that as long as I can execute at an optimum level, I will continue to push myself, but I cannot look myself in the mirror and think “I could have done more to help that person”.

So until then, cheers to you, Multi-task!

Can you do more? Should you do more? What’s your crazy multi-tasking story?


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