Facebook, the Run, and That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling (Part II)

Well Memorial Weekend is officially over with no chance of coming back for another 362 more days. And I have to say, the weather gods were definitely shining down on the New England states. With forecasts of thunderstorms and rain, the surprising eighty degree perfect weather we had once the family arrived was a tremendous uplift to the weekend! Visits to Foxwoods Casino, Providence, RI and the awesome “Water Fire” event, and the Cape for tremendous amounts of relaxation and food definitely accounted for numerous pictures uploaded to Facebook to document my travels.

I was taking pictures on my iPhone, then opening the Facebook application, then wiggling my nose to have them magically appear on my Facebook profile. Ta-Da!

*insert warm and fuzzy feeling once again*

Now I cannot confirm nor deny the validity of the countless articles that have touched on a deal struck between Facebook and EMC (see this link or this link). It makes complete and perfect sense and I would be not the least bit shocked if it holds true. However, if it does come out to be valid, EMC, Apple, and Facebook, three of the most iconic companies in their industries (or in the world for that matter) will all be joined at the hip by a pretty Isilon bow.

**Isilon, which EMC acquired late 2010, has been the driving technology behind storing, managing, and utilizing “big data”.companies of all sizes including AT&T, Apple, Northwestern University, Pechanga Resort & Casino, ABC,  NBC, and Rhythm & Hughes are using this technology to  not only enhance their technology environment and gain a competitive edge, but also streamline processes and save massive amounts on the bottom line.**

Take a second and think about where all of your information lives. Your bank accounts, your social landscape (i.e. email, cell-phone, and social-networking sites), your company’s information, your competitions information…

Someone and some company is behind all of it. Do you trust them with your information? Do you even know who they are!?

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