Facebook, the Run, and That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling (Part I of II)

There are those moments that I hope we’ve all had that literally take our breath away. Some of those moments may be sentimental, some exhilarating, and some gratifying. From your child’s first step or graduation day (or your own for that matter!), to your lottery winning realization, to crossing the finish line of your most recent race, to your company’s success, I wish that warm and fuzzy feeling upon us all.

Luckily for me, within the last week I have gotten the privilege of experiencing this feeling on more than one occasion. As mentioned on a previous post, I’ve been getting into habits that surround bicycles, tracks, sweat, chicken, and spinach. For a bit of motivation, I gave myself a few months to prepare for the Harpoon 5-Miler race. Mind you, I had never run farther than 3.1 miles at any given point in my life. In full disclosure, I had never run five miles until um…FOUR days before the race. But I digress…

This past Sunday was the race. Turning the last corner and seeing the finish line with my time above it was one of those warm and fuzzy feelings I know will never forget. A little bit of motivation sprinkled on top of hard work and consistency was my recipe for that success, and just after the finish line were three Harpoon beverages awaiting for my delicious dessert.

Fast forward past the soreness, sunburn, Lakers collapse and gloomy weather, and into this week. I had another one of those fuzzy feelings: EMC World. With all of the glitz, glamour, storage, and overwhelming use of the word “Transform”, I could not help but notice a SOCIAL theme intertwined throughout. With the level of importance that society, businesses, entertainment, and my current role places around social media, seeing things like EMC-TV, @EMCCorp, #EMCWorld, Greenplum Chorus, and EMCSocialSales on Facebook brought that warm and fuzzy feeling back again for a second time in two days.


Fast forward again past the triple monitors, rain, twitter handles, Spruce Pond rallies (if you have not heard of it, you’re missing out!) and softball debacles. I get to my email where I am swiftly cycling through my RSS feeds, and stumble across an article that I could not help but *like* (with an EMPHASIS on the word LIKE! 😉 ).

To be continued…

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