EMC World Has Gone Cloud Freaky!

In case you haven’t heard, EMC World is in full swing. With a Mega-launch of 42 new products (no that is not a typo), there has been quite the buzz surrounding Las Vegas. With products designed for literally all business sizes, EMC has *transformed* the industry once again.

If you thought a Fortune 200 company couldn’t produce a rap video, think again! Watch out LMFAO! In a music video packed with strobe lights, V-Blocks, gorillas and ridiculous rhymes, EMC has given the world a wildly hilarious yet severely informative look inside EMC’s position in the industry.

With over 15,000 in attendance, EMC World has been quite the scene. From the opening keynote with a backdrop of a 400 foot screen for our visual pleasure and new product releases and acquisitions, to the upcoming Maroon-5 concert and Transformer Prime sightings, the agenda has been jam packed with all kinds of “Mick Jagger” fun.

I’ll be doing a larger deep dive into the releases, acquisitions, EMC’s place in the marketplace, and how EMC stacks up to the competition soon.

Speaking of our competition, if you’re still in need of some comedic relief, please watch the following 15 second video of “Ham on Cats Face”. If you’re asking how it relates to the competition, you’ll be amazed when you learn how much it actually does!

More to come!

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