What Are We Buying!? (Part II of III)

The Want, the Dull, and the Potato Twister

We’ve all been there. We enter the car dealership, the mall, answer the phone or visit a website looking for a specific product or service. Whether it’s the car, the pair of shoes, the headphones, the sun-lotion, or the storage array, we’ve all gone in hoping to find what we want and need, then are swiftly and painfully shot back down to reality with the constant “Let me show you how amazing all of this stuff is that you actually don’t need but my company trained me to sell you anyways”. It’s a constant battle we face, full of the quick look-away, fake cell phone conversation, “I’m just looking”, and “I’m all set”.

*Are you shaking your head in disgust?*

What if they actually knew what we needed, or laid out the options of what we could possibly purchase to satisfy all of our heart’s desires. Now, companies are finally beginning to listen to this concept, and are making it easier than ever before for us to research, customize, and purchase almost anything we want. We can pick and choose our dinners with Applebee’s 2 for $20 menu (Potato Twisters!? I’ll take two!), and can customize our new Audi S4. It is safe to say that we all like the availability of choice and flexibility. We like to be able to swap out dressings on our salads, upgrade the headlights on our car, and have a technology based on what we actually want.

Imagine the only way you could purchase a car is if it came with three sets of different headlights, sets of tires for the winter and summer seasons, three cans of different colored paint, subwoofers for premium sound, and a car seat for your non-existent child. Would we all love the idea of having these as an additional add-on feature? Absolutely! Living in New England, I would love to have tires for different seasons (or all weather tires for consolidation…PUN), but if I lived in Tempe, Arizona, not a chance!

“…but we’re giving you all of the options you could ever imagine (and probably never need) up front! That way if you ever need them, you’ll be all set and ready to conquer the world.”

Yeah…no thank you.



To be continued…

*In the meantime, click here for part one!

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