Back the F: \ \ Up! Are You in Good Hands? (Part I of II)

It’s Friday! You’re driving down the freeway at a brisk 65 MPH (you never speed…) on your way to work, listening to your favorite morning radio station, day dreaming of your weekend festivities, and counting down the hours until happy hour. You look out your window and notice a car passing you and cut in front of your car. The front seat passenger has a puppy on their lap that jumps down from the seat. The passenger reaches down to pick up the puppy but accidentally pulls up the handbrake instead causing the car to skid into YOUR vehicle (THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Dog-E-Brake). It ends up being decided that since you hit the back of their car, you’re at fault, and are responsible to pay for the damages.

Just your luck, right!? You call your insurance company, automated menus and all. Nobody answers. No operator, no claims specialist lends you their ear. You look them up on your smartphone, and your jaw drops when you read the following statement:

“We will only process 70% of our customer claims, so cross your fingers and hope you’re taken care of!”

*”Are you in good hands?”*

As unfathomable as this scenario sounds, thousands of us live this Russian Roulette lifestyle. What are the chances that somebody pulls the Dog-e-brake? Do we really think there is going to be a disaster that occurs that forces us to use these lifelines? Although minimal, the chances that these disasters do hit are enough for us to pay for car insurance, house insurance, renters insurance, health insurance, backup devices for our personal computers, and the list goes on…

Would you purchase an insurance policy that you knew had a 30% chance of failing you, your loved ones, and all of the most important components of your life?


Unfortunately, the overwhelming answer for thousands of businesses nationwide and around the globe is an emphatic YES.

To be continued…

Back the F:\\ Up – Part II

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