The Obsession, the Chorus, and the Green Plum (Part II of II)

Most of us love to socialize. Instead of staring at a monitor, in a book, or any one of the monotonous tasks we love to hate and complain about, we’d rather stretch the legs, give the brain a break, or just talk to someone without constantly looking over our shoulder. Unfortunately, our jobs and responsibilities do not share the rules and guidelines around exactly how much social networking we’re able to do during a given day or week.

What if our employers promoted cross-functional networking to help promote innovation and collaboration? What if we could socialize with other business units to put our own stamp on the organization? Remember that immaculate idea you had that you’d only dream of sharing with high-level executives? You’d be able take over your company in no time!

Now as obvious of a stretch as that is, the theory behind it is not. Promote collaboration and innovation within your company, and you’ll be amazed where some of the ideas come from. Open the books, peel back the data sets, give everyone a blank paper and pen, and let all entities of the company give their insight into ways to better the company. The Chef could have the next largest supply chain process. The Marketing Assistant could come up with the next greatest product to sell. The CFO could come up with the next best technology.

*Music to the innovator’s ears*

Remember that innovative EMC company? Recently, EMC and Greenplum released Greenplum Chorus. Now businesses are able to safely share insights, problems, and creativity across their entire organization based on its own data and trends.  EMC and Greenplum have now enabled the power and desire of social networking to accelerate business innovation, transparency, and agility.

Social networking has become THE form of collaborative insight and opinions for the world. With this evolution, companies can use these networking capabilities to seek out uncharted revenue streams, untapped ideas, and unrealized potential that residing within their own walls.

So, what ideas are you simply holding onto?  What creativity are you socializing within your company?

2 thoughts on “The Obsession, the Chorus, and the Green Plum (Part II of II)

  1. Brilliant; I utilize LinkedIn as my primary social networking tool and so far its working favorably to aid my path of success. People buy from people they trust, and simply networking with someone on LinkedIn or other social media forums can give you that extra push you need. Nice one Wolky!

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