The Blackberry, the Uppercut, and EMC

On June 29, 2007, Apple entered the Smartphone Arena and released the iPhone to answer the desires and challenges of cell phone users globally. Immediately after the launch, cellphone giants such as RIM (Blackberry), Motorola, and Nokia scrambled as the entire smartphone industry changed overnight. The best tactic RIM could think of to combat the sudden iPhone craze was to say (paraphrased), “No way that’s possible! Apple is lying, the battery cannot last that long. The iPhone won’t last.”

“Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can’t last.”- Greg Evans

Since then, RIM has been fighting a bloody tag-team battle against both Android and Apple in the consumer smartphone arena. Finally, after years of pathetic concepts, launches, and smoke and mirrors, RIM was forced to tap out. In the wake of this release, Blackberry also announced their CTO and COO were leaving the company. Coincidence!?…

Now, this same scenario is happening in the Data Center Storage Arena. In January, 2011, EMC entered the Small/Medium Business (SMB) market which was previously owned by Dell and Netapp. Immediately after EMC’s product launch and release of the VNXe storage strategy, both the competition and the general public raced to give their official statements, reviews, and predictions of this bold move.

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2011 Tech Innovator Award Winners

A little over a year later, after multiple awards and rave reviews, EMC is poised to displace its competition the same way Apple did in 2007. Just as RIM, Nokia, and Motorola failed in 2007, the competition has yet to respond to EMC. Will competitors continue to belittle the technology and rest on their laurels while EMC innovates, or will they step up to compete with the VNXe?

At the end of the day, it is up to manufacturers to bring us a product that is tailored around our needs, and answers our daily challenges. Apple has done it. Android has done it. EMC is doing it. Who’s next?

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