The Flop, the River, and Big Data (Part II)

Anyways, I did just that. I checked my phone and compared my balance to the number I allotted to “vacation”, and swiftly strolled to the ATM for some more fun because well, it’s Las Vegas!

I went on to win it back, then lose it again on an all-in blackjack hand where I received yet another busted twelve.

Overall, I ended my gambling experience in the black, with plenty of stories to tell. Whew.

That night, as I was staring at the billions of dollars earned, won, built, lost, ripped and drank away from Sin City, I thought back to my bank account and how I faired over the weekend. However, I would never know unless I was able to check my account, use the ATM, and swipe the debit card everywhere. Without “big data”, and the ability to seamlessly use it in my everyday life, Vegas would not be nearly as glorious. Without big data analytics, Vegas would consistently lose money, and casinos would fall day by day. These analytics are used throughout Vegas, and are why casinos know everything from when to raise the rates of their rooms, to where to place their machines, to whom they should compensate for their frequent visits and “customer loyalty”.

On the flip side, big data that is unable to be accessed could be even more impactful! Imagine walking into Las Vegas, unable to check your bank account, use your ATM/Credit card, access the internet, or use your phone… FAIL.

I love the idea of big data, and how it surrounds our daily life. However I love it more when it works. That is why EMC has put such a maniacal focus on it. Big data used correctly enables companies all over the globe to not only proactively store that data, but use it to allow us to live an easier, more efficient lifestyle both in the office, as well as on vacation.

1 thought on “The Flop, the River, and Big Data (Part II)

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