Tacos, Tech, and the Blind- The Closing Gap

Growing up in Southern California, I became all too familiar with the best there is to offer on the west coast: waves, scenery, beautiful people, luxury homes, extreme sports, technology, and some of the best Mexican food there is to offer. Since moving to Boston, I continue to yearn for a California burrito, but because I know it’s not going to happen, I’ve turned to other not-so-good alternatives. TACO BELL.

No, Taco Bell is not my substitute for that genre of food (can you really put Taco Bell in that genre?). However I can see some people having an Enchirito craving just as I do for that California burrito. Unfortunately some people are hindered by inabilities  out of their control. Maybe they’re too young to drive, or there is no Taco Bell within driving distance, or they’re allergic to certain foods, or they are simply unable to drive at all.

For the blind, everyday tasks such as dressing, buying groceries, driving a car, and walking in public are simply impossible, yet taken for granted by the majority of the general public (myself included). With many disabilities, technology is leaned on to save lives, or just to make our lives enjoyable.


I came across a video this morning of a 95% blind man who was able to “drive” to Taco Bell and order through the drive through without ever having to touch the wheel. I got chills watching Steve cruise around with an ear to ear grin, while letting the technology he’s sitting in do all of the work for him.

“The moment a man stops dreaming is the moment he petrifies inside…”

-Roger Ebert

So I sit here typing on a keyboard, connected to the internet, “speaking” to you. Think about all of the miraculous ways technology has helped your life or ones closest to you. What is your Taco Bell? What do you need to get there?

2 thoughts on “Tacos, Tech, and the Blind- The Closing Gap

  1. Aside from making me crave southern California Mexican food (thanks), you bring up several thought provoking topics. When you take a step back, it’s unbelieveable to “see” how many things we/people take for granted. I have a family member who is legally blind who has been aided by several technological advances–trailing cursor, magnifier, certain programs that have a narrator, etc.

    You also inspired me Wiki search Roger Ebert. What an inspiration…

  2. i liked your writings . makes your mind vacilate as to how far our world has reached.mind you,since my beginning (as if that matters) the world has progressed considerably.now with all the new and newest teck knoweldgy how far then can this world reach.will it become beyond our ability to fathom the next huge whatever is in store for our future?daniel keep on writing as you are. it keeps my mind alert. thanks

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