The Flop, the River, and Big Data (Part I)

After coming back from vacation, I realize more now than ever before how much I actually LOVE vacations. I know it sounds ridiculous, but my most recent vacation to Vegas last weekend cemented my everlasting envy for street performers, bartenders, and full-time poker players. While having the time of my life, I decided to spend some time playing poker and blackjack (who doesn’t!?). Never have I ever seen so many twelves and non-suited low cards! But I digress.

Fast forward to the end of evening one, or maybe the early morning two. Two Aces in hand, one after the flop, and a lame excuse for a poker face, I go all in. A nice gentleman calls me, and I immediately think of what I’m going to be spending my brand new money on (“I’ve Got a Feeling” lyrics buzzing throughout my head).

Instead, I watch the chips slide away from me and over to the not-so-nice-anymore gentleman as two more suited hearts come out for a flush on the River…LOVELY.

Now what does any person do while in Vegas and on vacation? Of course, check their bank account on the smartphone, then pull out some more to let it ride again!

However, none of this would be possible without “Big Data”.

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