The Like, Tweet, and the Abyss (Part II)

The Like, Tweet, and the Abyss (Part II)

“Perception vs. Reality”-If I biked a mile every time I heard this phrase, I’d be Lance Armstrong’s mentor, and in impeccable shape! I cringe whenever I hear it. Not because it doesn’t fit the context of the particular conversation, or because how often I run into it, but because of the lack of effort some people make in actually understanding roots underneath the perception.

However, as ambiguous as the phrase is, and as exasperating it is to narrow down the ACTUAL meaning behind who ever said it first (after 5 minutes on good ol’ Google, I gave up trying…), I live by my perceived definition of it:

“If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen”

To this day, I do not remember where I got the phrase from. In fact, I’m not quite sure I didn’t just make it up, and then take it to heart for my own motivation. In a fork-in-the-road moment I had years ago, I took some time and asked myself why and how I let my perception overpower what I wanted my reality to be. For me, internalizing this message, and using it to change my life in SEVERAL aspects, is what has shaped me into who I am today. Since then my attitude, motivations, relationships, education, work-experiences, successes and failures have all been changed for the better.

**I help people. I live to learn. I love people who tell me I can’t do things (equally love to prove those people wrong with an introverted “How does this taste?”). I welcome thrive on change. I care. **

This is what I want my brand to be. This is who I am. Who are you?

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