“Rip and Replace”- The Consumer/Manufacturer Battle Royale

What makes the greatest companies in the world so prodigious? Why do consumers line up days or even weeks before a release just to spend their money? What is it that keeps the prospecting and existing customers begging for something “harder, better, faster, stronger”?

As much as Daft Punk and Kanye West would like to take credit, there is a much larger culprit that is helping the common folk gladly fork out their change. As I sat down at my computer watching the release of “The New iPad” (which btw, WHY would Apple call it that!? What happens next year when the new-er iPad comes out? Mass confusion and frustration will soon circumvent the globe.), I immediately thought about the reasons why people would purchase one. It’s better, faster, stronger, prettier, and it’s Apple, and therefore people are going to buy.

The New iPad is just a microcosm of the idea of what I’ve come to learn as “Rip and Replace”. From tablets and televisions, phones and computers, to automobiles and storage arrays, rip and replace is everywhere, and we love to hate it. Nonetheless, are we ever going to ask Apple to stop innovating? Are we going to ask EMC or VMware to stop innovating? Are we going to ask Audi to stop improving their already stellar cars?

As much as we dislike spending money on technology that at one time did all we needed it to do, innovation from these market leaders are what push the boundaries of technology, and helps us streamline all avenues of our hustle and bustle lives.

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